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in months, the billionaire john paul will be joining us with what needs to happen to keep the momentum going. dagen: speaking of momentum of the white house trying to build some 4 obamacare. how the administration plans to convince younger people to sign up and get happy and take a look at world currencies against the dollar today. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that wothat's correct.a rate. cae i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. 24 minutes past the hour your fox news minute. reports a the engineer of the train that derailed in new york told investigators he zoned out as the train approached the curb a. four people died and 63 injured in the crash. the national transportation safety board says the train was traveling at 80 miles an hour when it reached the curb which posted a speed limit of 40 miles an ho
financial system. cheryl: we've got a lot more to get to, guys. the budget battle heating up with rand paul saying extending jobless benefits will do more harm than good. charles, is that true? the president had his radio address on saturday, he came out and said -- he blamed the gop, this is all their fault, and it's going the harm the economy. >> you know, there's a lot of studies and research that says that's true. if i don't have to get off the sofa and look for a job, i'm probably not going to. one of the areas that's been most depressing are the chronically unemployed, 26 months or longer. that needle has barely moved. there's something for people to be said going into the job market, . >> they don't want to get a job or it's truly because of the downturn in the economy, and the fact that even republicans are saying, you know what, extend it if you can fund it, if you can fund the jobless benefits -- >> that goes to matt's point. doing something as a politician doesn't necessarily mean it's right. i mean, the republicans are really afraid right now to be seen as insensitive, but ultim
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and furious" and life and death. contest universal facing a delicate balancing act after actor paul walker died in a fiery car crash. dennis kneale has the implications of that story. dennis: fast and furious vii was halfway through production when paul walker including various scenes and died on saturday in a high-speed car crash north of hollywood. the crash eerily reminiscent of the stunts that fill the six previous films in the car racing franchise that walker start in five, universal must decide how to proceed, make the movie a tribute to paul walker? fans are placing flowers and cards at the site of the real life crash. of the steel rewrite the script to have his character meet a tragic end or use computer-generated effects to insert the actor's image into the rest of the film kicking back in 1991, actor oliver reed died in the filming of gladiator and the producers used computer-generated imagery to superimpose the actor's face on a stand in's body. today the tech is tons better. have to do what they got to do. i think they will. you don't scratch a film of the franchise like this.
times. paul walker, associated press, apologizing for utley from active in diesel because he never said it. a fake account put out the bogus call, the sentiment rocks. anthony wiener back from the dead yet again, the fearless tweeter distressed congressman gerald -- field a candidate to host a new prime-time talk show. on radio at least wiener can't tweak his, you know. should president obama stop worrying about health care and talk about fixing obamacare? your responses next. cheryl: we want to look at the running names on the nasdaq. there you go. be right back. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i tre like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. cheryl: to the president's stop worryin
and counter part, paul rye yawn. they will eliminate automatic spending cuts known as sequester for next couple years. in doing so, raise fees by tsa pay more for your airline ticket. government workers may have to pay more under the pension. other spending cuts will offset the sequester from the budget deal a few years ago. even if congress reach this is deal and pass this deal. they won't have a threat of a government shut down for next couple years. but congress still has plenty of work to do. >> definitely not be extension of the debt ceiling. not be part of this, based on part of this debate right now. there are number of outstanding issues. we talked about unemployment insurance. we got over 50 tax extenders that will expire this year. they're important to number of important industries and costs to the economy. >> one of the big issues you talked about, extending those emergency unemployment insurance benefits. democrats are arguing about that on the house floor. republicans say these are emergency measures. democrats say that, look, economy is still in trouble. we still need to e
't the right one. dennis: paul volcker commented i don't like it, but there it is. >> and there the problem will be for all americans and businesses as well. dennis: no move afoot to try to change this? >> they have not listened to us. all these changes we will try to see, it probably will not come to a change in the white house and a change in the senate. dennis: we appreciate you being with us, of new jersey. cheryl: time for your west coast meant. the citrus industry is fighting the freeze, literally. a crucial piece of the economy working around the clock to protect lemon orange tangerine and grapefruit crop the end in january they lost their crop due to similar freeze. las vegas has some of the top hotels. steve wen wynn encore came in bd hawaiian at the mgm grand connect number 11. the survey also rated vegas fifth among the top 20 destinations in the world. take a look at these stocks, they have been on a tear, mgm and when casino for the upside. and visiting the drone american plant to see for himself with the company and the state both want. dominance in the drone manufacturing ind
man steps up to help detroit. a local michigan millionaire paul schaap is offering five billion bucks to protect the city's art. the collection is worth 450 to $850 million is being considered for sale by some of the city's creditors. schaap who is meeting with city officials today says hopes his generosity will inspire more contributions. cheryl: look at wall street right now. we're actually, pushing session highs. we're at 16,017. we're nearly 200 points to the upside for the dow jones industrials. let's bring back in nicole petallides from the floor of the new york stock exchange. is this an indication, nicole what we'll see throughout the afternoon, more buying? >> it is pretty amazing we held on to gains and now breaking through to session highs of the day? we've seen all 30 dow components with green arrows basically. you have seen banks and energy and technology and industrials, consumer products, sector after sector with up arrows. this is one of those days where they're buying everything. vix, fear index which has been down all these days, up all these days, pulling back, basi
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8